English Rain

Gabrielle Aplin :: ‘HOME’ New Video

I don’t really know where home is and I’m everywhere, it’s the most recently written. I actually wrote the chorus a couple of years ago, so I’ve had it for a while. I’ve only recently

Gabrielle Aplin :: Panic Cord

With her ever increasing fan base, Gabrielle Aplin is fast becoming a household name. ‘Panic Cord’ is her latest single available from 5th of May 2013…..
Check out the video ‘The Story of English Rain’ her Debut album, right here.

Gabrielle Aplin :: Interview

Numerous TV talent shows, 1 hit wonders, we’ve seen it all before. What’s happened to Longevity and real talent? Fear not, allow me to introduce Gabrielle Aplin. A 19 year old singer/songwriter from Bath who’s been making quite a name for herself. Her latest EP ‘HOME’ reached Top 10 in iTunes and was single of […]