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Eliot Sumner :: Information EP

I am extremely excited to announce ‘Eliot Sumner‘ is back, who you say? Do you remember the artist ‘I Blame Coco’ no? Ok lets try do you know the artist ‘Sting‘ a huge now solo artist from the band ‘The Police‘ in the early 70’s through to the late 80’s well it’s his daughter. Eliot […]

Corrina Taylor :: ‘Always Coming Back’

Totally fresh / totally brand new name on the street is ‘Corrina Taylor’. Based in Brighton, found everywhere. Her life started out in Leicester, living in Loughborough for few years, before moving to London to pursue her career for radio and finally (so far) settling in Brighton to study her music writing course. Think of […]


SINGERS VS RAPPERS SHOWDOWN BBC RADIO 1XTRA For the avid hardcore fans of ‘BBC Radio 1XTRA‘ you’ll know what this is about, for the one’s who ain’t in the loop here’s what’s been going on in the studio. Some of you won’t move and love rappers or stick by the singers. If you’re kinda stuck […]

Video ‘Stupid Little Things’ ANASTACIA

Who remembers this lady?   Anastacia had huge hits 3 to 4 years ago with ‘Left Outside Alone‘ ‘Sick and Tired‘ and ‘You’ll Never Be Alone‘ to name just a few of her classics. Recently I discovered she’s back with an absolute smasher ‘Stupid Little Things’ taken from her forthcoming brand new album ‘Resurrection‘ expected […]

Album Review :: ‘RIVER’ by ‘Makala Cheung’

* Makala Cheung * 2014 is well and truly on the way. As for the new year in Asia, it’s just beginning. Exploding into the spotlight, Bristol based ‘Makala Cheung‘ is putting her stamp in the music scene in a big way. Being year of the horse things are going to race ahead with lots […]

Introducing :: ‘ROB LEAR’ Let It Go

‘ROB LEAR’ Based in South Wales U.K. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to attend ‘Brecon Fringe Festival‘ 2013. I seen quite a few great acts just popping in and out of various pubs and what a good weekend it was. Loads of local food, beers, great crowds and most importantly good music. An […]


dwfMedia :: It’s no surprise they’re causing a media frenzy. Their already timeless classic ‘Wasting My Young Years’ shows maturity and seduces your hearts every beat. London Grammar are so on point with what they do, it’s hard to find any cracks in their youth. An unbelievable debut album that’s already a classic in it’s […]

Introducing :: LUNGS ‘Faraway’ debut single

Are you excited and intrigued? I am. Take a deep breath in and out. Let ‘LUNGS’ do all the work. This band have been about for some time now, founded in 2011. A new project of former Guillemots Brazilian guitarist MC Lord Magrão and Australian vocalist Suzie Blake (Who also created the art work for […]

Introducing :: Mwahaha

Mwahaha are an Alternative, Prog-Rock, Indie Rock band currently residing in Oakland, California. They are a clean, fresh and ready to go band. As a band they have been creating music together for about 10 years, perfecting their art. So Glastonbury festival is over and everyone’s talking about who was the best and who they’ve […]

Introducing :: The Graphite Set ‘These Streets’

If you’re passionate about life, music, the way forward or you’ve a burning desire to create something universal, great results will come and it don’t matter if it’s hot or not. It’s all about the passion to create something that has impact and longevity. It gives me great pleasure to introduce a band that’s all […]