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Shades of Jade :: Interview

Collectively ‘Shades of Jade’ are a full range dynamic Band that’s quite simply exceptional and stands out from the rest. You only have to listen to them and you’ll see for yourself. DESCRIBE THE BAND “We’re Soul, Rock, taking strong soulful vocals and use dirty rock guitar sounds. The result is a powerful high energy […]

Gabrielle Aplin :: Interview

Numerous TV talent shows, 1 hit wonders, we’ve seen it all before. What’s happened to Longevity and real talent? Fear not, allow me to introduce Gabrielle Aplin. A 19 year old singer/songwriter from Bath who’s been making quite a name for herself. Her latest EP ‘HOME’ reached Top 10 in iTunes and was single of […]

TERRA NAOMI :: Interview

Terra Naomi: Singer Songwriter.. Allow me to introduce you to a worldwide music sensation that will captivate you with her tender sound & Beauty that will discreetly infect you to your heart. The first UK date sold out within 1 hour of being announced, as fans across the world eagerly await her return. Terra’s highly […]


Kitty Daisy and Lewis arrived in south Wales a day before the massive event at Beach Break Live 2012, they stayed with friends to relax and enjoy the atmosphere while soaking up the glorious Sun They had a great time at Beach break before they performed their spectacular rhythmic blues vibe on stage, that totally […]




Mr Bradbury was welcomed at crash and he really enjoyed it, performing for the 1st time here. The appeal for him to play at Crash is to support local festivals. “There’s not enough going on in mid Wales and always a shortage of good festivals that supports local bands”. The loop machines come 2nd to […]


      Madoc Vanguard The Madoc Vanguard is an Indie rock band based in Oswestry. The name Madoc Vanguard is taken from a legend of a Welsh prince and according to folklore, discovered America 300 years before Columbus. Their rhythms and lively riffs, powerful lyrics are comparable to The Killers and Kaiser Chiefs and […]

Interview ::: GRITT THE BAND

GRITT THE BAND The Band emerged from Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 2009. Unsigned Experimental Rock band, Showering you with Fresh songs with Thought-provoking lyrics. 1ST of all I’d like to welcome you all to Wales and the CRASH festival 2011 how has it been for you guys? “It’s our 1st time here today and […]

Ellie Goulding :: Interview

The delightful Ellie Goulding at Beach Break Live 2010. During June she made her 1st appearance in South Wales while her hit single “starry eyed” stormed the U.K charts. Many more hits followed, including her Number 1 debut album ‘Lights’. LM : Did you enjoy the performance today? E.G : “I’ve really had an awesome […]

Sonny Wharton :: Interview

I met Sonny Wharton in August 2011 at the CRASH FESTIVAL and this is what he had to say about his experience and his journey so far, within his life and music career Did you enjoy tonight? I Really enjoyed it, I love playing to crowds you can’t really top it. It gives me a […]