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Dr Meaker :: Interview

Dr Meaker are one band that know what they’re doing. Uniquely blending Soul and Bass, throwing out a vibe that resonates from the stage to the crowds, every time. Dr Meaker are what weekends are made for. From Bristol and known world wide they’re having a huge impact in clubs / venues and Radio stations […]

Daisy Guttridge :: Interview

Daisy Guttridge is a 17 year old talented Musician from Birmingham. She plays Guitar, Drums and Piano, accompanied by a voice that stands out from the rest. Not only that, she writes her own material. Already she has performed to thousands in countless shows over the last couple of years, including the ‘Glee Club’ Birmingham […]

Alex Davies :: Interview

Alex Davies is a young musician from Newtown in Mid-Wales. Some of you may already know him from the popular TV show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. He featured on the show in April 2012 singing his amazing song ‘FR Double EE’ and got into the last 200 in the semi finals. Currently he’s involved with free-running, […]

Levi Roots :: Interview

Levi Roots up close and personal. He is commonly known throughout the UK and many other countries for his famous food brand ‘Reggae Reggae Sauce’ as featured on Dragons Den T.V. Also he has numerous cook books under his belt, but that’s not all. He’s produced albums such as ‘Free Your Mind’ (1998) a compilation […]

Maverick Sabre :: Interview

I Caught up with Maverick Sabre after his powerful and flawless performance at Beach Break Live 2012. Singing tracks from his debut album ‘Lonely Are The Brave’. The crowd ignored the wet weather to relish in the soulful and charming Brit-R&B sound, that he’s well known for.         Did you enjoy your […]

Charlotte O’C :: Interview

Charlotte O’Connor is a beautiful 21 year old from Blackburn. Well I can say that she has been in the media many times, not to mention the February 2012 edition of ‘FHM’ and ‘Look’ magazine. Also her charm, and sweet sense of humor is what makes Charlotte adorable. Did I mention she is a talented […]

Roxanne de Bastion :: Interview

Did you enjoy your performance at Beach break live 2012? I loved it, I really enjoyed it; the crowd was great, they were even singing along to my songs. I also played here last year. ‘Buckle up’ is a happy song, and its about life and it’s journeys, could you explain it a bit more? […]

DELILAH :: Interview

Recently I spoke with Delilah after her amazing performance at Beach Break Live 2012, about her Career and the New Track ‘Inside my Love‘. When she stepped on stage the whole crowd went wild from start to finish it was electric; also she made a surprise appearance with the final Headliners of the day ‘Chase […]

CHAMBLES :: Interview

This amazing young Lady ‘old nu-folk singer songwriter’ is a hidden Gem found in the quiet surroundings of South Wales. She has been singing and playing various instruments for many years and embraces life with both hands. With her Debut EP ‘Tower Blocks’ already under her Belt, working on Her new EP due for release […]


A 6 piece band for your pleasure and desires only, it’s the band that OWNS Gyp-step. They cause crowds to burst into dance and chaos, by using a little ‘MJ’ Magic, adding a mixture of instruments and throwing in a dash of what they call ‘Sexfoot’ mixing it all up and you have ‘Molotov Jukebox’. […]