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Aurora Aksnes :: Interview with dwfmedia

Artist stat’s :: ‘Aurora Aksnes’ born 15 June 1996 in Stavanger, Norway Aurora has had a whirlwind of a year, since the release of her smash debut album back in March [2016].  Music lovers new and old (more commonly known as Warriors and Weirdo’s) have received her with open arms. Recently Aurora performed at the […]

Interview with :: ZIBRA

ZIBRA are the sound of a VHS tape chewed up in an electrical system. They make their own music videos or rally in their friends at the camcorder-obsessed production team Youth Hymns YH website LINK.  ZIBRA turned their love for taking electrical objects apart to re-arrange and put them back together again, honing their unique sound […]

Artist of the month ‘Gitta De Ridder’ :: Interview

Gitta De Ridder Singer-Songwriter, originally from The Netherlands, she started her musical journey in the UK some 6 years ago. After several forms playing with different bands and people and touring in Italy, Greece, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands she has recently re-found her roots of playing and writing her songs with her acoustic guitar. […]

‘Seasick Steve’ interview

Recently #dwfMedia caught up with the legendary musician, singer / songwriter ‘Steven Gene Wold’ also known as  ‘Seasick Steve’ at ‘Paleo’ festival, Nyon. Born 1941 Oakland, California. First and foremost he’s known for his amazing and out-there shows and secondly for his bespoke guitars and unique instruments, including his world famous Morris Minor hubcap guitar.  Seasick’s UK […]

Interview with :: ‘CARRIE HABER’ (PART 2)

Quite often when I’m writing a song I’ve no idea what I’m writing about until I’ve….
You talked about ‘In My Hands’ and other songs, where are they all? I’m recording ‘In My Hands’ at the moment.

Interview with :: ‘Carrie Haber’ (PART 1)

All my songs come from a very subconscious place. That’s why I find myself revealing my own secrets to myself through my songwriting. It’s very therapeutic, that’s how I …..

Interview with :: ‘ILONA’

My dream would be to go on a huge tour and reach millions of people through our music and make a difference in peoples lives. Most of my songs are about things that have happened with people that I’ve cared about deeply, that have influenced ….

Interview :: Sebastian Blake

When I write my songs it’s like a painter that’s painting blind. I don’t know what I’m drawing, what I’m feeling. When I look back I think wow this is me, that’s how I felt? Take my song ‘Red Underwear’ that was a diary entry, I’ve never seen a………

Interview :: PHILDEL

Choirs for me normally represent spirits, like water spirits. ‘The Disappearance Of The Girl’ in-fact formed in my imagination set underwater, with these water spirits representing all the……….

Soul Preachers:: Interview

They say that things can take you by surprise, this is exactly what happened when ‘Soul Preachers’ stepped on stage at Crash Festival 2012.   This band are so refreshing to the ear and pleasing to the eye. From the West Midlands ‘Soul Preachers’ prove that you don’t need a record deal to bring in […]