GABRIELLE APLIN :: ‘Waking Up Slow’ Taken from her latest EP ‘AVALON’

Gabrielle Aplin recently released her lyric video for her super duper catchy single ‘Waking Up Slow‘ and omg we love it.

Waking Up Slow‘ is taken from her latest EP ‘Avalon‘ great news, it’s out now.


Gabrielle Aplin

She’s back, smashing it all over again with her latest single. From the opening lines / chorus we was like omg and ladened with such a catchy hook it’s hard not to get involved and sing along.

We’ve had the opportunity to meet Gabby way back in the early years like yonks ago.

Check out our reviews and interview via the link to learn much more about this British born and bred super duper / singer songwriter producer etc etc  ::     HERE    

We’re happy to say we’ve supported her all the way through her musical career and why not she’s b*oody good.

 Check out her latest video below and give her the biggest thumbs up ever!

Correct us if we’re wrong and we might be looking a little deep into this video but, we see doritos and a dog [zippo] is this love song all about just that? Don’t just take our word for it we’ll leave you to decide 🙂



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