PHILDEL :: Latest album ‘Qi’

Phildel-Qi Phildel :: Singer / songwriter based in London UK.

Some exciting news for us and ‘PHILDEL’ fans alike.

Recently she announced her first album ‘Qi’ is set for Re-release, revamped and re-worked (now available 🙂 link below).

As some of you may know – besides songs, I also compose piano-lead, instrumental music.

I’ll be releasing an updated version of my instrumental album “Qi” in the coming days!

For those of you who bought “Qi” previously – please note a couple of the tracks have been replaced with entirely new compositions and if you would like the brand new additional tracks – you’ll be able to purchase those individually from iTunes.

This is a digital release only

(source : Phildel Facebook)

The original album ‘Qi’ contained 5 tracks with a beautiful arrangement of strings and keys, some layered with choir-like backing vocals; softly blended together giving that extra dimension that’s always present in all of Phildel’s music.

Imagine listening to music and having that feeling you’ve just watched a movie that makes you go wow. Each of Phildel’s beautifully crafted tracks bring forth feelings and imagery of heavenly sometimes gothic-type, evoked from somewhere deep within. These are dynamics that are always found in each of her compositions.

‘Qi’ was originally released in 2010 at the early stages of her career & very limited copies were available at the time. So you can imagine how happy we are to hear the news of a re-release.

Available to buy NOW on iTunes ::    HERE   

Qi‘ Track list :: 1 : Ice-Float @ 2 : Icarus 3 : Dragonfly Keeper 4 : Winter Flower 5 : Qi 6 : Piano B 7 : Dominae 8 : The Kiss 9 : Everyone’s Memory Is Snow 10 : Strange Inventions 

The anticipated debut album ‘The Disappearance Of The Girl’ was released 2013. Soon after there was quite a stir within the media, the album hit the number 1 spot as best-selling album in the ‘Folk Singer-Songwriters’ Amazon UK chart. Tracks from the album gained airplay on countless radio stations including BBC Radio 1.

The album enabled Phildel and her imagination to come to life in a very unique way. “The way I create my music is by going back into that world of my imagination and creating things inspired by that” (Phildel).

Then came ‘The Glass Ghost‘ follow up EP release.

The Glass Ghost This time she embarked on a modern upbeat approach. The EP also included a remix of the track ‘Comfort Me‘ by ‘Delerium‘. As with all of Phildel’s work her harmonious vocals resonates throughout the whole production in-keeping with her signature sound & the gentle voice she is known for.

So when Phildel says “some of the tracks have been replaced with entirely new compositions”

If you’re already a fan of Phildel, you know ‘Qi’ will bring us many more hours of listening pleasure and as with all of her music it’s going to be very emotional & exciting times.

iTunes ::     HERE    

Facebook ::    HERE    

Twitter ::    HERE   

Physical CD’s :: ‘The Disappearance Of The Girl’ / ‘The Glass Ghost’  EP


5 thoughts on “PHILDEL :: Latest album ‘Qi’

  1. This is fantastic news, PHIDEL is simply amazing and touches my heart and soul with her beauty within and the music that flows out of her, an amazing talent that one can only dream of becoming xx

  2. (excuse the typo of Phildel’s name, darn auto-text! (my excuse anyway) …. just listening to the video now of ‘The Kiss’ again, so beautiful …. I will hopefully be able to get the album 🙂

    • Wow, thank you for visiting here and I’m glad that Phildel’s music has touched you so deeply and prompted you to buy the album, I know it will bring you many hours of enjoyment and inspiration. Thanks for your comments and support xx

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