Artist Of The Month :: Review :: Dr Meaker ‘FREAKS’

Hot off the press :: ‘Dr Meaker‘ are Misajam’s JAM HOT record of the week for their latest track ‘FREAKS’.

Pre-Order ‘FREAKS

Allow us to introduce a Bristol based band that never fail to impress us. Did we miss the winter or something? Because after listening to ‘FREAKS’ it feels like the summer 2015 vibes are here already, this is tearing it up.

If this is your first time hearing about ‘Dr Meaker’ where have you been (jokes).

When you hear a ‘Dr Meaker’ tune you just know it’s them, and the new track ‘FREAKS’ is smashing it.

‘FREAKS’ features ‘Cappo D’ & ‘Sharlene Hector‘. In the 1st tick of this track you know it’s a ‘DR MEAKER’ dance floor smash. The mix and super hot vocals mashed up with the ‘Dr Meaker’ sound just cuts you like a ‘Bass knife’ to the core.

The media are all over Dr Meaker. Radio 1 and 1Xtra djs have supported them for what seems like forever, since their ‘Maida Vale live lounge’ session way back in 2008. Recently their new track ‘FREAKS’ had an exclusive air play with presenter ‘Mistajam’.

Sadly the track is not available until mid March, but you can listen to it via the link below till your heart’s content.

We have featured Dr Meaker on #dwfmedia before, an interview with them three years ago and have loved everything they’ve ever put out there!

Mistajam (Radio 1 dj) asked Clive Meaker before playing the track ::

“How are tricks with you” (Mj)

“I’m excited about 2015, new year, new ambitions, new music” (Clive)

“And you’re with a new label right” (Mj)

“Yes we signed a deal with ‘Circus Records‘ and we’re really happy about it, it’s really exciting” (Clive)

“You’re very different to what people associate as the Circus sound, has that caused any problems with signing to them guys” (Mj)

“No, I’m over the moon because we’re the first Drum ‘n’ Bass act on Circus, so it means we can just pave our own way, just go with our own sound, without having to get into a sound that’s already existing with a label that has a sound, for us it’s really cool” (Clive).

Available to pre order now…. you’re gonna love this floor filler by Dr Meaker ‪#‎FREAKS‬ check it out below

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