Oh Land ‘Head Up High’

I discovered ‘OH LAND‘ by chance while she was supporting ‘KATY PERRY‘ in Nottingham 2012.

After that show I immediately bought the album self titled ‘OH LAND‘ fell in love with it at once, since then never looked back.

‘Nanna Øland Fabricius’ better known as ‘Oh Land‘ is originally from Copenhagen Denmark. Her music has unsurprisingly enabled her to tour worldwide, performing stunning visual delights, singing all the favorites to her already huge fanbase (known for using the term ‘Narwhals’ a fictional place they can all be together as one) while gaining a stronghold of new dedicated fans.

To this day my favourite song / video by ‘Oh Land’ is ‘White Nights taken from the 2nd album, self titled album ‘OH LAND’ Released 2011.

‘Head Up High’ opens with super warm synths, she begins to sing with such delicate tones and emotions that are so gracefully bonded together in this track, in no time you’ll be caught up in the contagious rhythm while singing the hook over and over “My head up higher, higher, higher, higher”.

Oh Land’s latest video / song is fresh, on key and absolutely epic. 10/10

The song is about someone believing in a relationship once thought was unbreakable, forever. Hanging on every word of ‘I love you’s’ she suddenly finds they were all empty promises taken away in a flash. Down trodden and emotionally broke, she realizes there is no guilt on her part and the only way to make it through is to hold her ‘Head Up High’.

This song is stuck in my molecules of the brain ‘Head Up High‘ (available to buy now) is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Earth Sick‘ due for release November 11. We can not wait for what is going to be pure genius, if this single is anything to go by.

Enjoy the latest video for the song ‘Head Up High’.

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