Introducing :: ‘BAD GIRL’ Whinnie Williams

 Feeling a little under the weather? Winter finally has a grip, dark nights, cold hands and those summer tunes that keep reminding you of what once was.

Don’t fear, because we have something special for you, she’ll warm you up and keep the happy vibes flowing.

BAD GIRL : Whinnie Williams is a refreshing new pop sensation that’s ready to break the mould with her debut EP and enter the music scene with attitude.

After listening to ‘Whinnie’ we couldn’t help but put on our dancing shoes and repeat play, especially to the opener track ‘Don’t You Love Me’ with the sweet melodic sound of trumpets and whistles we had a throwback to the 60’s swing pop vibe (hang on we’re not even that old) then Whinnie’s super smooth voice came in like an open rose and delivered nothing but awesomeness.

If you listen carefully the song ‘Don’t You Love Me‘ is crammed with humour, for example “Your friends don’t even like you and my dog wants to bite you” (her dog famously features in many of her videos and goes by the name of ‘Brian’) moving on to track 3 ‘Oopsie Daisy’ it’s catchier than any track you’ve heard this year. Yes it has elements of kate Nash & Lily Allen, but stands proudly in its own right. We love it.

The closing track ‘Stupid Things‘ is just one of the brilliant tracks that features on the EP. It is full of style like your favorite jumper, mixed with soul that’ll keep you warm and some pop thrown in for a super feel good “lets go out and party” vibe. A word warning some of the messages have subliminal meanings to what you think you’re dancing too, but that’s one of the clever things about ‘Whinnie’ is her writing skills.

She’s got class, has a refreshing musical quality packed with a punch and style all rolled into one, the perfect ingredient for success.

‘Whinnie’ is going to smash the music scene and make everybody feel happy again. A huge future lay ahead for this super duper talented lady and if her debut ‘BAD GIRL’ EP is anything to go by, 2015 is going to be a huge year for ‘Whinnie’. Fact!

 Introducing the new hype on the block. ‘Whinnie Williams’ has been working in the studio for over 12 months and her debut EP is finally ready for release October 13th 2014.

The EP was written in collaboration with ‘Future Cut’, the power production duo behind some of the biggest hits from pop royalty including ‘Lily Allen’ ‘Olly Murs’ and ‘Dizzee Rascal’. She has also written for ‘Madonna‘ and ‘Nicola Roberts‘. Not forgetting to mention she’s also rubbed shoulders on tour with ‘Ellie Goulding‘ and ‘La Roux‘.

She also has a feature vocal on the forthcoming Professor Green album. They performed ‘Can’t Dance Without You‘ together on BBC Radio 1 live lounge’.

Whinnie is going to smooth over the cracks that we’ve gotten so used to over the summer, who said hits are only for summer anyway.

It’s going to be one cosy winter with Whinnie snuggled up next to your favorites in your playlist.

Available as download and limited 12″ pink vinyl.

EP Track list :: 1. ‘You Don’t Love Me’ :: 2. ‘Break Hearts In Your Sleep’ :: 3. ‘Oopsie Daisy’ :: 4. ‘Stupid Things’

Strictly limited vinyl :: HERE

Facebook :: HERE

Twitter :: HERE

For free mixtapes and other tracks by ‘Whinnie’ :: HERE

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