Example :: ‘Take Me as I Am’ Review

‘Example’ has done it again, I’m really loving this guys passion, in all he does.

On top of that he directs his own videos ‘Take Me as I Am‘ was directed by Example and Kristian Young.

Not only is he heavily involved with music and film he’s also involved with a lot of charity work, and is ambassador for the Teenage Cancer Trust‘. Working closely with ‘Drop4Drop‘ a huge campaign in India for introducing the simple thing we take for granted, clean water.

I was lucky enough to see Example and his band perform live for the 3rd time last year in ‘Wakestock festival’ North Wales. Personally I can say it was nothing shy of, out of this world, outstanding. I will add his live shows just get better and better every time.

The brand new album is available now worldwideLive Life Living‘.

I guess that his passion for life and all things real is very important, if you go by the simple yet powerful title.

Live your life in the real world, and not behind screens etc kind of attitude, as many people seem to do in this modern-day and age. Interaction, meeting people, getting out there all of these factors are so important ‘LIVE LIFE LIVING‘ well said!

His latest single ‘One More Day‘ (Stay With Me) released June 20th (Also his birthday) expresses a more passionate side and nothing wrong with that. We all got feelings right, that one person we love, even if it’s brotherly or sisterly!

Anyway back to ‘Take Me As I Am‘ it’s right up there with the summer anthems, this is a huge track and is a great representation of what the album ‘LIVE LIFE LIVING’ is all about, huge banging tunes, mixes, with a few slightly toned down tracks thrown in too.


So far from the latest album I’m loving the tracks ‘10 Million People‘ ‘New Friends‘ is smashing it and not forgetting the huge ‘All The Wrong Places‘ and ‘Kids Again‘ to name just some of the 24 tracks found on the deluxe album. Not forgetting included in the deluxe version are 4 awesome videos ‘All The Wrong Places’ & ‘All The Wrong Places’ (Quintino Remix) Official video ‘Kids Again’ & ‘Kids Again (Moti Remix) .

Get on your best gear and dance the hell out of the summer, this hugely anticipated fifth album will keep you going right though.

Grab your copy now!


iTunes :: https://itunes.apple.com/hk/album/live-life-living-deluxe-version/id..

Amazon UK :: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00..

Webiste :: https://www.trythisforexample.com/

Facebook :: https://www.facebook.com/leadingbyexample

Twitter :: https://twitter.com/example


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