Eliot Sumner :: Information EP

I am extremely excited to announceEliot Sumneris back, who you say? Do you remember the artist ‘I Blame Coco’ no?

Ok lets try do you know the artistStinga huge now solo artist from the bandThe Policein the early 70’s through to the late 80’s well it’s his daughter.

Eliot Sumner :: July 30 1990, Tuscany, Italy.

Based : London.

After almost 4 years since we seen the release of her album ‘The Constant’ under her alias name ‘I Blame Coco’ she’s back. Also known to have worked withLa Roux‘ ‘Sub Focus‘ and ‘Robynto name a few.

Avid fans lets not dwell on the past and enjoy what is to come. Look at it this way, we’re going to have loads of new music, videos and photos, not to mention the promotional gigs too. All this will be ours to relish all over again and it starts next month. Recently we’ve seen a huge rebranding of this young lady Eliot Sumner, some would argue and say simply, she’s back. Lets think of it as having a good sleep after all the previous hard work and waking up refreshed ready to go all over again, that can only be a good thing right! After listening to her teaser videos and soundcloud pre-release there’s definitely a fresh echo coming our way. Back with a whole new sound, it’s been well worth the wait. It’s true when they say “All good things come for those who wait” The new track #Information has me really excited, this shi* is good. ‘INFORMATION is crammed full of deep meaningful lyrics “I need to know you’re thinking of me, I need to know you’re there, I need the information now I got to know you care” “give me something that I can work with, deliver me from the dark” (Eliot prides herself on writing good meaningful lyrics) some fab backing harmonies, loads of synth sounds resonating and of course the lovely bass and guitar she plays so well and some drums thrown in as well. This is a huge comeback (Almost 35, 000 listens in the first 7 days on soundcloud).

I feel her latest releases will be more full on synthesizers and deffo have an upbeat sound, bringing her right on par and up to date with a modern style yet you’ll still have that Eliot mix we all know and love thrown in for good measure.

If my memory serves me right I do believe she went to the highlands in scotland to write new material and get it all together, it’s worked.

Eliot is now ready to launch her brand spanking new EP also titled ‘INFORMATION’ due for release 7 July.

EP Track Listing ::

1 :: Information

2 :: Come Friday

3 :: Wobbler

Website :: http://eliotsumnerofficialmusic.tumblr.com/

Facebook :: https://www.facebook.com/eliotsumnermusic

Twitter :: https://twitter.com/eliotsumner

Soundcloud :: https://soundcloud.com/eliotsumner

Youtube :: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyqbe2XE_EnRGI2KfjqWn9A


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