Available 26th November is the next edition by Phildel


OK let’s get on it. Track 1:Heaven an Introduction‘ This is the opening track and is showing so much growth on many levels. It is full of angelic spirit like harmonies. With harmonious vocals resonating throughout the whole production, it has very little instruments and it’s simply the surreal voice of ‘Phildel’ that makes it something quite special. Possibly a classic in the making.

The Glass Ghost‘ EP is a whole new level, comparing it to the timeless classic of her debut album ‘The Disappearance Of The Girl‘ it’s embarking on a fresh new approach. You still get to relish and get carried away by that haunting Phildel sound, only this time there’s something new.

The best way to for me to describe it is, the dark days are fading. Even though the EP is inspired by winter it will keep you warm inside.

It’s like that feeling when you open the window on a crisp Spring morning and the warm sun is shining on your face, you know you’re alive.

The Glass Ghost‘ (track 2) gives you a euphoric feeling of excitement, or like that feeling you get when you start on a new adventure. “The Glass Ghost was created and inspired by Winter and the sounds of glass” Phildel. The sounds of glass, how amazing is that!

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I can honestly say while listening to the 6 track EP my heart rhythm actually changed.

For those who have seen the stunning new video ‘COMFORT ME‘ (track 3 & track 6 ‘DeleriumRemix) will already know its sound and possibly have an interpretation for its meaning? Watching and hearing ‘Comfort Me’ I sensed a connection to the infamous ‘Storm Song’.

The video for ‘Storm Song‘ is using nature, the symbolism of love and desperation to find the meaning of love, manipulating its enigmatic powers to bring love home. Binding a set of subconscious / conscious feelings and allowing them to become reality, comforting the overwhelming desire for love and to be loved.

My conclusion, ‘STORM SONG‘ is welcoming a loved one. ‘COMFORT ME‘ is about love locked in time, slowly losing it’s grip on reality thus turning into beautiful memories… It’s truly a spellbinding masterpiece.

CELESTIAL‘ (track 4) is pushing to almost being my favorite ‘Phildel’ song of all time.

There’s an upbeat sound to this one and the song is outstanding. For this I will say, think of your favorite Sci-Fi movie and it’s sound track.


The whole EP ‘The Glass Ghost‘ will take you on another metaphorical journey as did ‘The Disappearance Of The Girl‘ only this time there is a kind of crossing over from dark to light, desperation to rejoicing.

I will abstain from talking about the rest of the EP so you have something left for your own imagination and not to ruin the delight that will soothe and saturate your ears from this amazing uplifting compilation. You’ll just have to get your own copy to understand.

Rounding up ‘The Glass Ghost‘ it’s like 6 beautifully crafted segments of music creating one whole picture.

It’s a clever and beautiful combination of new music, with a twist that pulls on your heart-strings.

When you hear music like this, yet see pictures painted in the sky of your mind you know something special is happening.

‘The Glass Ghost’ EP is an outstanding compliment and continuation from Phildel’s debut album.

Lets say part 2 is complete, but the story continues right……It must!

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