Introducing :: Mwahaha

Mwahaha are an Alternative, Prog-Rock, Indie Rock band currently residing in Oakland, California.

They are a clean, fresh and ready to go band. As a band they have been creating music together for about 10 years, perfecting their art.

So Glastonbury festival is over and everyone’s talking about who was the best and who they’ve seen. Some love the festival, some think it’s too mainstream and it’s not what it used to be. Let me stop you there for a minute.

OK they shove on some huge acts, 2013 seen the ‘Rolling Stones’ but the majority of acts are just breaking the into the music scene. In my opinion the Mwahaha would fit in nicely here.

Think of David Bowie ‘Space Oddity’ Depeche Mode and ‘Polyphonic Spree‘ and you get the idea.

June 2013 sees the release of Mwahaha self titled debut album on US label Plug Research Records.

Featuring a track with Merrill Garbus of ‘Tune-Yards’.

This year the Mwahaha are supporting ‘Sigur Ros‘ (well known for his tracks ‘Hoppipolla‘ and ‘Glosoli‘) now that’s something not many can say they’re doing.

The album ‘Mwahaha’ is far from mainstream. I’d like to say it has elements of early ‘Depeche Mode’ with power dropping Moog/Korg or similar Synth sounds mixing it up throughout, it’s very pleasing to the ears.

Upon listening to the surreal sound of their stunning track ‘Swimmer’ I’m getting them ‘Polyphonic Spree’ vibes. A very well produced sound and luscious melodies complete with guitar rifts that creates a large sound stage.

‘Rainbow Diamond’ 4.45 long. It’s quite a long track, but has a nice progressive build up and down, with perfectly blended harmonies and drums that get you tapping the tables. Once it gathers a pace, you can’t help but move your bones. Extremely enjoyable.

‘Rainbow Diamond’ got me thinking of Summer nights on the beach with a few mates having a few cold beers. The album has such a mixed up sound that maybe some are not accustom with, and don’t quite know where to start with it. None-the-less it’s a totally enjoyable album.

The ‘Mwahaha’ is an experimental, oscillating, synth happy, psychedelic, harmonious, feel good album. Providing nothing but hours of total pleasure!

‘Lime Tree’ is my personal favorite with mesmerizing baselines, simple keys, haunting vocals of ‘Ross Peacock’ mixed up with that synth they so love.

I have nothing bad to say about this album ‘Mwahaha’ and give it a 8/10 for what I’d call an album of pure Hedonism ‘a pleasure to my senses’ quality production and sounds, that reminded me what real music really is, genius“! dwfMedia.

Recorded by Eli Crews who is known for his work with Deerhoof, tUnE-yArDs, WHY? and Ex-Ray’s. The album was mixed at ‘New and Improved Studios’ in Oakland, CA.

The ‘Mwahaha :

Ross Peacock, vocals, synths, keys and drum programming; Nathan Tilton on bass and keys. Cyrus Tilton on plays guitar, keys and drum programming. James Murphy on drums.

Album :: Mwahaha

Label :: Plug Research

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