Here it is the day you’ve all been waiting for….

The New Xbox reveal streaming live, with exclusive details and talks about how the interactive experience is going to totally submerge the gamer or audience in a totally interactive way.

So far revealed…

1 :: ‘Forza 5’ will be available for the XBOX ONE soon.

‘Call Of Duty’ Taken from XboxOne Live review


2 :: There will be 15 brand new games launched within the 1st 12 months of the Xbox one release

‘Call Of Duty’ Screen shot taken from XBOX LIVE REVEAL

3 :: *New ‘Call Of Duty’ game ‘GHOSTS’ (C.O.D) new characters, including a dog that’s part of the team (Squad member) to name just a couple of things to expect

‘Quantum Break’ A screen shot as seen via XBOXONE Reveal live





4 :: Talk of ‘Quantum Break’ Brand new game & gaming experience. Where it seems Live action footage is incorporated within the gaming experience.

How will that work???

5 :: NFL total interaction for the viewer at home, live Skyping in TV and ability to tweet and have live update for your favourite players. Known as ‘IMMERSIVE’ TV

6 :: Also talk of a ‘Halo’ TV series to be aired

Click Link Below to watch LIVE

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