Lana Del Rey :: Young And Beautiful

Ok I have to admit something here. I’m a secret fan of ‘Lana Del Rey’ there you go I said it.

This song is one of those where you press play and it’s over before you know it. A sign of a great track.

The strings and wind instruments are a perfect combination for her voice. Another great song, yet again.

Published on YouTube a little over a day and already it’s had 1.1 million hits, so I guess I’m not alone with this secret passion.

There is something quite sultry and beautiful about her voice that grabs you and makes you want to see and hear more. How far will you go, this is the question?

There is just something about this lady I can’t put into words.

Enjoy the latest upload of ‘Young And Beautiful’ as featured on ‘The Great Gatsby’ soundtrack or as heard in the New movie ‘The Great Gatsby‘ in cinema’s 16th May 2013.

“The songs I’ve written are an homage to true love and a tribute to living life on the wild side” Lana Del Rey.

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