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BRIXTON JAMM LIVE 2013 Official European DJ for Taio Cruz, resident DJ for HedKandi, loads of appearances on TV and in top magazines, Krystal Roxx just shines like a diamond.

Brixton Jamm

She’s one hell of a DJ that’s made a massive name for herself and hosted some top events ‘Hello Magazine’ and a wedding ring a bell? Not only is she a super talented DJ she’s blessed with a vibe and vocals that can melt ice-cream and sets crowds alight the minute she steps on stage.

Constantly updating and keeping bang up-to date in everything she does. Lets not forget the important fact she’s also ambassador for ‘The Breast Cancer Care Campaign’ and founder of ‘SUPERFOXX’ known as ‘I am SUPERFOXX’ read on to find out more.

The super stunning Krystal Roxx comes complete with bling and all things girly. The megaphone she uses on stage is totally covered in diamond like stones, a hair style to die for and a custom designed Jacket embedded with ‘Superfoxx’ bling on the back.

Picture from Krystal Roxx official Facebook

Krystal’s energy is enough to cause earthquakes. You really won’t stop till you drop. Krystal Roxx has the right attitude, the right vibe and isRight here, right now‘Krystal Roxx’ is a DJ that’s future proof for many years to come. This is her story so far.

What vibe did you start with and has your sound evolved? Its gone from more commercial to electronic pop rock sound, deliberately because we want to make number one’s. We’re quite guitar heavy. I feel it’s evolved from house/soulful-house where I came from with ‘HedKandi’ and ‘Ministry of Sound’. Now it’s much more Electro and more infusion.

Tell me a little about Super-fox and what it’s about? Thank you for asking. We have an online community that’s quietly building away without anyone realizing. Its a way of me utilizing the wonderful women around the world that I meet on gigs, and specific women that have the right attitude and head strong and have a wonderful work ethic.

Is ‘SuperFoxx’ world-wide or just for the UK? It’s world-wide. It’s already in Hong Kong the UK, hopefully it will exist long after I’m gone. Its a community for women, to support girls growing up in a world that’s very media driven.

If you were asked to produce a track that represents the UK what would it sound like? It would probably have to be more deep house. There is like an indie vibe on everything, that’s fresh right now. I went to see ‘Red Light’ last night and he epitomizes whats going on in the UK right now. He’s very garage hip-hop driven, it was really fresh and he had a great vibe, so that’s what I would do.

Who talked you into doing the cinnamon challenge? Taio Cruz did. I had no idea about the cinnamon challenge till Taio told me. It was just spontaneous on the spot, I thought it would be easy, it absolutely was not.

I read you performed for (JLS’s) Marvin and the (Saturdays) Rochelle at their wedding, what was that like? Incredible. It was for ‘Hello Magazine’ 2012. We was performing at ‘The Arts Club’ they seen us there and they really loved the vibe of the band. I have a band set that’s real commercial like a live mash up, with drums and a full brass section, guitar and me. Its a different vibe to this, this was all original tonight, where as the brass section is a mash up of commercial tracks. They loved the vibe it’s like a real floor filler for an hour, its full on. The night was amazing we had all sorts of people like, JLS, Olly Murs, Tulisa, Alexandra Burke. All of them swamped the stage and was jumping around like crazy, it was a great vibe they all loved it.

Apart from Energy drinks and Lava Java coffee what keeps you going? I know it sounds cheesy but, it’s just music. Genuinely music is what keeps me going on. I don’t need any stimulants, it’s just wonderful. I’ve always come from a background of singing, dancing & acting. It’s the core of all those elements.

Many DJs don’t have pets, do you own any? No I don’t, but if I did it would be a little doggie a ‘Shih Tzu’ because it sounds funny.

What’s lined up for 2013? Continue to play my music worldwide. I got a lot going on in Hong Kong and Brazil, loads in the UK. We got a couple of festivals in Zurich, Switzerland and Austria.

Words of encouragement for anyone starting out with the same passion and drive as yourself? I would say whatever you feel and that is genuinely something that you enjoy, do it wonderfully. Always keep it something that you enjoy. Don’t try to deliberately make a career out of it, if it does make a career then that’s a wonderful thing and that was natural and meant to be. I’m a big believer of fate. If you are committed to what you love then that’s the key.

Have you got an EP set for release? From tonight, since working out which one’s people reacted too, we will probably release one soon.

Krystal, thanks very much for chatting with dwfmedia. Thank you so much for coming, bless you. I really appreciate it.

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