Sky Ferreira :: ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’

‘Who’s That Girl’ no it’s not Madonna it’s……..

Sky Tonia Ferreira :: Singer-Songwriter / Actress / Model.

This is probably the shortest introduction of any artist I’ve written about, however I just had to share this beauty with you.

Photo fromSky’s official Facebook

After watching just one of her music video’s I was hooked, and wanted to know more.

Sky has been creating music for quite sometime now, but she’s slipped my net. Not anymore 🙂

Already available are EP’s ‘Ghost‘ & ‘One‘ under Capital Records, LLC.

Guess who was on the ‘Calvin Klein’ get in the ‘CK one box’ yes you guessed it ‘Sky’.

What is her style / sound? Alternative pop / Synthpop / Dance.

Where’s she from & how old is she? Born July 8, 1992 (20). California, LA.

Who does she remind me of? Being of a graceful age I remember the days when Madonna started out, with her punk look and flamboyant life, even down the the attitude “I always think what I wanna think and say what I wanna say, but I can’t always do what I want to do” (Sky).

The future’s bright, the future’s ‘Sky’ watch this space…

Check out ‘Red Lips‘ the beautiful ‘Sad Dream‘ or my fave, the very catchy ‘Lost In My Bedroom

She has a sound and look that immediately grabs your attention and a mystery about her that drags you in.

This for me is where ‘Sky’ is right now, she has passed her Name ‘Sky’ and is up there with the stars.

The Beautiful

After listening to ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ and watching the provocative black and white video accompanying the song, I am now a little bit in love.

Do you feel the same about Sky Ferreira? Let me know.

‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ EP is available April 28th.

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