Phildel :: ‘Storm Song’ Free Download

Photo by New York's very own Shervin Lainez

Photo by New York’s very own Shervin Lainez


I simply love discovery. It’s a gateway to new things, new experiences and most importantly new music.

Now usually I like to write full blown articles about the artist/s concerned, but on this occasion it’s really not necessary.

Also I will say that you most likely have already heard Phildel’s music, you just don’t realize it.

Her song ‘The Kiss’ was used as a soundtrack for the launch of the Apple iPad3 TV campaign back in early 2012.

Grab the free download here :::


Now here’s the good bit. I want to give you the pleasure of self-discovery. All the things I normally express about a video or song is now down to you. All I ask is remember the name Phildel.

Debut album 'The Disappearance Of The Girl' available 2013

Debut album ‘The Disappearance Of The Girl’ available 2013


Watch the featured video and you’re likely to feel the same way I did, when I discovered the ‘Storm Song’.



Right now ‘Storm Song’ is available as a free download..

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Photo by ::  by New York’s very own Shervin Lainez


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