Kitty Daisy and Lewis arrived in south Wales a day before the massive event at Beach Break Live 2012, they stayed with friends to relax and enjoy the atmosphere while soaking up the glorious Sun

They had a great time at Beach break before they performed their spectacular rhythmic blues vibe on stage, that totally got the crowd bouncing.

They loved the vibe that the music lovers gave at Beach Break Live, and in return knocked out an absolutely outstanding performance

It was fun times here at Beach Break”.(K.D.L)

Wherever you hear these guys play even if for the 1st time I guarantee you WILL be an instant fan and your feet will be tapping and body swinging.

They’ve had worldwide success and have opened for Razorlight, Coldplay, Jools Holland and appeared in a live televised feature for Glastonbury 2011, and had their tracks featured in several movies Mean Son Of A Gun’ can be found in the Dustin Hofman / Emma Thompson film ‘Last Chance Harvey’

One of their favourite places to perform to was Madrid 2010. After the event they went out on the streets to enjoy and the people was still busting moves and having a great time.

Usually they’re found performing in Europe, and don’t often play in the U.K. Mainly they only perform for the UK festival scene, Latitude, Secret Garden etc. Even after Beach Break they were off to perform in Spain and then to Stockholm.They said they like to find their own style in music and fashion, however influences range from watching old movies / music video’s.

You could be forgiven and think they’re from the 40’s / 50’s even some of their instruments are older than they are. When you hear them WOW they have a secret twist that keeps it relevant and up to date, playing Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Lapsteel Guitar, Harmonica, Double Bass, Ukulele, Drums, Trombone and so much more. Their influences for their music is mainly R&B, Swing, Country and Western, Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll.

I asked them their influences and how they have all found themselves where they are today? Growing up they used to listen to their dad singing and play music and they would sing & mime to songs not knowing who the artists were.

Between them they’re into R&B Jazz, Blues. In the beginning they listened to Johnny Cash, Elvis and even older musicians that you simply wouldn’t know.

Even after all the performances they still get nervous, more so in the quieter venues, but they enjoy being out there and have such fun at what they do best. Their combined passion for music is apparent.

The whole family perform together and play different instruments and sing, in fact Mr Lewis was the first to sing and then later his sisters followed suit, they stick together and are very close and support each other all the way. You could say, Just how it should be.

It was an absolute pleasure meeting ‘Kitty, Daisy and Lewis’ and I really will enjoy watching this band grow and grow.

You can buy all their music on many formats “ I’m so sorry” Available to Buy or Download NOW



Some of their Singles

  • “Honolulu Rock and Roll” (2005)
  • “Mean Son of a Gun” (2006)
  • “Going up the country” (2008)
  • “(Baby) Hold Me Tight/buggin blues” (2008)
  • “I’m So Sorry” / “I’m Going Back” (2011)
  • “Messing with my Life” (2011)
  • “Don’t Make a Fool out of Me” (2011)
  • I’m so sorry (2011) From the Album: Smoking in Heaven (2011)

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