Tribute Band for Evanescence


I Know the Artist/band and feel they have not had the exposure deserved. when you hear the amazing vocals and the talented musicians I know you’ll be captivated, and leave you wanting more!

This is the reason why this page has been created for them. Due to circumstances and life they have all moved on and only part of the band remain here in Wales HOWEVER they would like to reform with your support maybe they will.

With support and a new line up, this AWESOME band may just come Back To Life”

The band had so much to offer and were a pleasure to listen too, they’re fresh talented and are based here in South Wales!

If you like what you see/hear, then please comment on my page or simply click like on the YouTube page or better still ask me for more information about them. If you can help either play keyboards or have something you can give to support them, then please do.

Thanks From me and the Band 🙂 !!!!

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