• Introducing :: ‘ANNA STRAKER’

  • Interview with :: ZIBRA

  • PHILDEL :: Latest album ‘Qi’


  • Introducing :: ‘BAD GIRL’ Whinnie Williams

  • Eliot Sumner :: Information EP

  • Introducing :: The James Clode Band ‘CITADEL’

Laura Doggett :: Into The Glass

Laura Doggett announces the release of her EP ‘Into The Glass’ 11th May 2015 Recently we had a little special treat. Laura’s latest video for ‘Into The Glass‘ was released unto the world. ‘Into The Glass’ is the title track for her upcoming 4 track EP 1 : Into The Glass 2 : Beautiful Undone 3 : […]


Dr Meaker now signed to ‘CIRCUS RECORDS’ is a name you’ll be hearing again and again. Their latest track ‘FREAKS’ features ‘Cappo D‘ & ‘Sharlene Hector‘. When you hear ‘FREAKS’ you know it’s yet again going to be a dance floor smash. The mix and super hot vocals mashed up with the ‘Dr Meaker’ sound […]

Interview with :: ZIBRA

ZIBRA are the sound of a VHS tape chewed up in an electrical system. They make their own music videos or rally in their friends at the camcorder-obsessed production team Youth Hymns YH website LINK.  ZIBRA turned their love for taking electrical objects apart to re-arrange and put them back together again, honing their unique sound […]

ED SHEERAN / RUDIMENTAL :: ‘Bloodstream’

Ed Sheeran announces a collaboration with ‘Rudimental’ for his track ‘Bloodstream‘. ‘Bloodstream’ is track number 7 taken from his latest album ‘X’ released in the summer last year. Release date for ‘Bloodstream’ is March 29 Available to Pre-Order NOW  on iTunes. Also when you buy the track you’ll be able to get an unreleased track called […]


NEW ALBUM ‘THE DAY IS MY ENEMY’ has been announced for release March 30 2015.  These lads have been around for a very long time 25 years to be exact. From Braintree Essex they once had world domination of the whole dance scene, with remixes flying out left right and centre. Back in the day […]

Artist Of The Month :: Laura Doggett

Well who’s been causing some excitement for us this month?  Based in Bath, 20 year old singer-songwriter ‘Laura Doggett’. Allow us to introduce you to an artist who’s getting us very excited for the future of music.  ‘Laura Doggett’ evokes interest and leaves you with admiration in a powerful and irresistible way. She is sure to be the […]

‘Seasick Steve’ interview

Recently #dwfMedia caught up with the legendary musician, singer / songwriter ‘Steven Gene Wold’ also known as  ‘Seasick Steve’ at ‘Paleo’ festival, Nyon. Born 1941 Oakland, California. First and foremost he’s known for his amazing and out-there shows and secondly for his bespoke guitars and unique instruments, including his world famous Morris Minor hubcap guitar.  Seasick’s UK […]


Now in its 39th year, attracting over 230,000 visitors during the festival from the 22nd to 27th July!
Starting in the late 70’s it was formally known as the ‘FOLK’ festival with just over 1,800 in its first year.

PALEO festival has now become a huge success and proudly taking its position as the biggest festival in Switzerland drawing in crowds from all over the world. Many huge names have performed here from the well-known to unsigned, giving a diverse choice of music genres, including some of the more abstract. ‘Paleo’ now boasts 6 main stages.

Example :: ‘Take Me as I Am’ Review

Example has done it again, I’m really loving this guys passion, in all he does. On top of that he directs his own videos ‘Take Me as I Am’ was directed by Example and Kristian Young. Not only is he heavily involved with music and film he’s also involved with a lot of charity work, and is ambassador for the ‘Teenage Cancer Trust’. Working closely with ‘Drop4Drop’ a huge campaign in India….

Review :: The amazing ‘Ella Eyre’

Ella Eyre has a huge future ahead, looks fantastic, hair of a lion (this is also her trademark) a massive voice, a fresh new approach with an artistic style like no other, hitting the streets faster than ‘Banksy’. This year is going to be even bigger for Ella and if you’re looking for the summertime feel-good vibe then look no further.

Dr Meaker ‘RIGHT BACK’ feat ‘Sian Evans’

Dr Meaker are what weekends are made for. From Bristol, known worldwide.
‘Right Back’ feat ‘Sian Evans’ release date July 16th 2014 is set to be the next big thing for ‘Dr Meaker’

‘Emotion’ (Ain’t Nobody) ‘Maverick Sabre’

‘Emotion’ (Ain’t Nobody) is officially going to be Maverick Sabre’s first single to be released from his brand new second album. 1st Single release July 20th 2014.

Interview with :: ‘ILONA’

My dream would be to go on a huge tour and reach millions of people through our music and make a difference in peoples lives. Most of my songs are about things that have happened with people that I’ve cared about deeply, that have influenced ….

Interview :: Sebastian Blake

When I write my songs it’s like a painter that’s painting blind. I don’t know what I’m drawing, what I’m feeling. When I look back I think wow this is me, that’s how I felt? Take my song ‘Red Underwear’ that was a diary entry, I’ve never seen a………

New Tunes / New Discoveries

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for the support you have shown DWF-MEDIA.

“Keeping Music Alive” it’s a universal language we all understand.

Interview :: PHILDEL

Choirs for me normally represent spirits, like water spirits. ‘The Disappearance Of The Girl’ in-fact formed in my imagination set underwater, with these water spirits representing all the……….

Secret Garden Party ‘Experience’

Greeted by the array of stunning lights set out around the ‘Lakes’ and along every foot-path, not to mention the lights from the fair ground situated on site. I found a phone box (odd? but it is ‘The Secret Garden Party’ after all) as I do I stepped inside, it wasn’t the ‘TARDIS’ but may as well have been…..


The album ‘The Disappearance Of The Girl’ is a ‘Chef-d’oeuvre’ (masterpiece) with soft vocals resonating over drums, piano keys, guitar chords and backing vocals that beautifully merge together

Introducing :: ‘ANNA STRAKER’

Ok, this is exciting for us. We’re so happy to introduce the talented ‘Anna Straker’ with her new video ‘One Lover‘. We’ve believed in ‘Anna’ since she came to our attention way back in 2012 and still do. We first heard of her when she released a cover of an already featured artist here ‘DELILAH‘. […]

PHILDEL :: Latest album ‘Qi’

 Phildel :: Singer / songwriter based in London UK. Some exciting news for us and ‘PHILDEL’ fans alike. Recently she announced her first album ‘Qi’ is set for Re-release, revamped and re-worked (now available link below). “As some of you may know – besides songs, I also compose piano-lead, instrumental music. I’ll be releasing an updated […]

‘OLD FACES’ :: Laura Doggett

There’s a buzz about town and it’s all about this young lady ‘Laura Doggett’. Her latest single ‘Old Faces’ featured in ITV’s ‘Broadchurch’ trailer and it’s quite simply something else. Laura’s sultry tones, enticing aura are captivating, creating a connection unlike any other. The video for ‘OLD FACES’ compliments the track delivering a sensual & […]

Artist Of The Month :: Review :: Dr Meaker ‘FREAKS’

Hot off the press :: ‘Dr Meaker‘ are Misajam’s JAM HOT record of the week for their latest track ‘FREAKS’. Pre-Order ‘FREAKS‘ :::      HERE     Allow us to introduce a Bristol based band that never fail to impress us. Did we miss the winter or something? Because after listening to ‘FREAKS’ it feels like the […]

Fifty Shades Of Grey :: Ellie Goulding ‘Love Me Like You Do’

Ellie Goulding and ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ in the same sentence, what’s going on? If you said ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ I wouldn’t be that interested, now it has my undivided attention. Recently Ellie Goulding released a song on YouTube ‘Love Me Like You Do’ as part of the film soundtrack and is her first release of 2015, […]